We Love Search

We love helping great people, products and organizations get found.

tiptop SEARCH + MARKETING is a boutique digital marketing agency based in beautiful Greenville, SC. We serve clients nationally, taking our love for SEO to create a great search and web user experience for our clients. Creating a better search experience will help drive more relevant traffic to your site and help make you more discoverable for those who have not yet connected with you.

Our primary focus is SEO and building a content strategy to help drive organic traffic to your site. If you’re an Amazon Private Label Seller we also offer vertical SEO for Amazon. We will help build your presence and boost your placement and sales within Amazon.

Beyond our SEO focus we have a tight network of web developers, web UX designers, and branding experts to help target anything that might be keeping you from performing at the highest level online.

Founder & SEO

Tim Lowry

Tim Lowry is the founder and lead SEO at tiptop SEARCH + MARKETING. Having spent 16 years in the publishing industry Tim has a strong grasp on content and knows what it takes to cut through the noise to get your company discovered.

During his time in the publishing industry Tim was involved in developing, branding, launching and marketing hundreds of titles online and in stores. Each product became its own mini-brand with websites, social, branding and platform development.

These online marketing channels helped get products in stores and selling all over the web, many earning Amazon Bestseller rankings and making it into the Amazon top 100 seller list.

This expanded skill set and SEO experience allows Tim and the tiptop SEARCH + MARKETING team to help get your business, brand or product discovered online.

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