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Content community commerce podcast


Content • Community • Commerce

with Robbie Fitzwater & Tim Lowry

Great content builds community and drives commerce. In each episode, we'll explore this strategy and share how to use it in email and SEO to build a marketing system for long-term growth.

Episode 1

Where to Start

Intro to Content Community Commerce

Episode 2

Building and Owning an Audience

Part 1

Episode 3

Building and Owning an Audience

Part 2

Episode 4

Repurposing & Recycling Content

Episode 5

Aligning Content to the Customer Journey

Episode 6


How to plan and prepare for seasonality

Episode 7

Content Flywheel

Episode 8

Hygiene, Hub, and Hero Framework

Episode 9

Prioritizing Channels

Episode 10

Measurement & Reporting

Episode 11