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Feel like your site could be doing better?

Get expert insights into the SEO issues that are holding you back

You know your site could be doing so much more but you can’t put your finger on it. The Essentials SEO Video audit is a 15-minute SEO deep dive of your website SEO. We’ll look at your website’s on-page strategy, content, structure, technical SEO, speed, and dive into some SERPs for your rankings. The video audit will provide actionable insights along the way to help you resolve the issues we discover.

For each video, we spend approximately one hour digging through your site's pages and looking under the hood to gather findings for your video.

We’ll look at:

  • On-page SEO strategy
  • Site content
  • Site performance
  • Site structure
  • Technical SEO
  • Rankings
  • And other issues that surface during our audit process

Your roadmap to ranking

Actionable insights to improve your website ranking and performance

Ok, let’s be real. SEO is complex and it can take months if not years for sites to build up rankings and drive a huge amount of traffic. However, what we’re providing is your starter roadmap -- before your site can enjoy growth the foundation has to be right. If your strategy is wrong or worse yet if your site is plagued with technical issues that prevent Google from properly crawling then all your efforts are wasted.

You’ll be shocked at the SEO issues we can surface in one hour. For each SEO audit that’s approximately how long we spend reviewing your site and checking the essentials for any issues that could be holding back your rankings. We’ll compile our findings into a 15-minute, high-energy, deep dive of your site, along the way we’ll share actionable insights to help you resolve the problems we discover.

What’s included in your video:

  • Basic SEO and UX review
  • Basic technical SEO review
  • SERP and ranking review
  • Actionable insights for each of our discoveries

Your SEO Audit will be completed and sent to you within 5-7 days of your purchase. The video will be emailed to the email address of the purchaser. The video will be sent via email using a private link to a secure (password protected) page on our site for you and your team to review.

Curious what our SEO video looks like, check out our example video a couple of scrolls down.

We look forward to helping you level up your SEO and get on the road to ranking.

What Others are Saying

Tim Lowry has provided Fresh Water Systems with truly invaluable SEO and content creation expertise.

Testimonial, Brock Robinson
Brock Robinson

The level of detail, planning, organization, has exceeded our expectations and reaped tangible benefits for our companies.

Testimonial, Marina Monet Pruitt
Marina Monet Pruitt

Remarkably insightful and brilliant at capturing SEO value and brand equity for companies.

Testimonial, Geoff Wasserman
Geoff Wasserman The Brand Leader

We were introduced to Tim at Tiptop and were immediately impressed with how detail-oriented and thorough he is.

Testimonial, Noreen Cothran
Noreen Cothran

SEO Video Audit Example

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Essentials SEO Audit

15-Minute Video Includes


  • Basic Website SEO & UX Review
  • Basic Technical SEO Review
  • Core Web Vitals Review
  • SERP & Ranking Review
  • Private video with actionable steps
  • Receipt within 7-days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my site has no issues

    If your site has no issues you likely wouldn’t be on this page. Having audited hundreds of sites and looked “under the hood” of countless more, it’s highly unlikely we won’t be able to find issues and provide actionable insights to improve your site’s SEO. In the unlikely event that we don’t discover any issues, we’ll fully refund you for the audit.

  • Can you help if it's beyond our skill set

    While we love sharing our expertise and giving you directions to improve your site, we love it even more if we can help you. SEO is complex and for some client’s teams, direction is all they need, however, for many they need additional help. Following the audit and your review, we can set up a time to talk over the issues and look at a more tailored SEO strategy to fix what we’ve found and take you even further.

  • Can I share the video

    Of course. You’ll receive a password-protected link to your video and it’s yours to do what you please with it. You can share it with stakeholders, internal marketing teams, developers, etc. We want the video to be a tool that gives you direction and actionable steps to improve your website’s SEO.

  • Can I request you look at specific concerns

    Yes. When submitting your order feel free to note any specific concerns you have. Although we spend around 1hr looking at your site before making the video, if the issue requires all that time we will mention this in the video and that we’ve not been able to audit for further issues.

  • Will you review our Google Analytics

    No. This SEO audit is looking at your website SEO and UX, along with SERPs, and technical issues that could be keeping you from ranking. Deep diving your Google Analytics would be part of a larger SEO audit.

  • Do you review any type of site

    No. We don’t review adult content sites, vaping sites, cannabis or other substance sites, or non-English language websites.

  • Who does the SEO audit

    Hi, my name is Tim Lowry and I do all video SEO audits. I personally review each of the sites and will be the face and voice on the video. I’ve helped national brands and multi-million dollar eCommerce businesses improve rankings, grow their audiences, and increase organic revenue through SEO, along with resolving complex technical SEO issues that can plague sites with tens of thousands of pages.

  • Do you offer a refund

    Yes. We will provide a full refund if you didn’t find value in your SEO audit. Following the refund, we reserve the right to delete the video.

  • How long until I get my video

    We know you’re excited to review our findings. Video audits are sent to clients within 5-7 days.

  • Can you review a competitors site

    Sure, why not. If you want to get some insights into your competitor’s strategies or website issues we can do an audit of a competitor site. There is no doubt there is value in competitor analysis, however, if your site is plagued with SEO issues it doesn’t matter what you know about your competitor if your site can’t outrank them.

  • Do you review non-English sites

    No. Sadly I’m only fluent in English and to deliver maximum value to you I would not claim to be a content expert in other languages. That said, if your site is English first but uses hreflang tag attributes to serve up your site in other languages in different countries then YES, we can help you.