Did you know 80% of traffic to a website begins with a search engine? Investing in SEO is not optional, it is a must. A well executed search engine optimization campaign will boost your website rankings, drive traffic and lead to conversions.




At tiptop we know a solid SEO plan is an essential part of a website. A well executed SEO strategy will help boost your organic traffic and create a better search experience for those who have yet to discover you. Our SEO campaigns include an intensive site audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, on-page strategy and content creation.


What are you ranking for and how are you being found? Our Keyword Research will let you know what words you’re ranking for, what people are searching to find you and then build a strategy to help you rank for the keywords that are most relevant to what you do.


A strong SEO strategy starts with an detailed site audit. We’ll take a deep dive under the hood of your website and let you whats working and what areas need to be addressed. Our site audit will set the stage for the SEO campaign. Our audit will look at key metrics and crawl your site in the same way that Google does — the site audit allows us to create a targeted SEO strategy.


Over 55% of product searches now begin in Amazon. If you’re a Private Label Seller on Amazon, tiptop can work with you to build and implement an Amazon SEO strategy to help boost business.

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Content creation is ranked the single most effective SEO technique by 53%. (Marketing Sherpa 2013) Your content needs to keep readers engaged and ultimately convert. Let the team at tiptop review your current site content and work with you on a content strategy that will keep visitors on your site longer.


Major website changes or a new site build can impact how your site performs and ranks within search engines. Before you make these changes you should put a strategy in place. Combining our site audit metrics, ranking and keyword research we will be able to put together a site strategy for any major change you need to make.